Friday, July 31, 2009

Horror on the Horizon

Well i just got a new job and i ended up having to move when i started. My wife was unable to join me because she still has one semester of school left before she graduates. I was able to find a wonderful apartment with the help of my mother,, and being the saintly woman that she is she even called up one of her old friends to see if she would take me in for a week or two until my apartment was ready for me.

I arrived in wonderful ames at about 4 pm on sunday july 19 anxiously awaiting the next day when the job started. my car was full of crap that I supposedly couldn't live without and had to take with me. Shelly, my mothers friend, was so excited for me to come that as soon as i arrived she rushed out and started helping me unload various things from the depths of my car.

Shelly: Is that it? (as she pulls the last suitcase from the trunk)

Me: Yup, I think so.

Shelly, pointing accusingly at the trunk: George, what is that?

Me: (blushing as she pulled a box of edible underwear from the darkness) Ummm...

Holy shit I barely even know this woman and now I have to explain why there is not only edible, but crotchless, strawberry flavored, edible, gummy, panties in my trunk.

Me: Ummm... Well that was a practical joke, pay no attention to that!

A good start to a lasting friendship is an awkward silence.