Monday, August 17, 2009

Barney the Death Eater

When I say the name Barney, or in this case it is written and you read it, what kind of horrible feelings are thrust into your bellies. feelings of complete despair or regret for allowing his existence to continue? when the familiar tune "I love you..." starts is your first reaction is to find the nearest pointy object and plunge it generously into your eye sockets? His ability to sour an incredibly nice evening is matched by none except a violent barf-fest in the middle of a romantic evening brought on by the black plague. It is this purple flesh eating monster-turned child loving cuddle bug that I am here to expose! I want people to know they hate barney as much as I do and I won't rest until I have succeeded. Growing up, I argued that I would never allow any of my children, EVER, to watch his disgustingly, obnoxious show.

On a completely unrelated subject I just got a cat and my daughter named him Barney. Shit.


  1. Now Now George,
    Your reaction is a bit extreme- ok A LOT extreme. Barney is loveable as is demonstrated by YOUR DAUGHTER also loving Barney- and, so fondly, naming her new kitty after her best purple friend. Get over it, embrace it and you will reap the benefits - need to research those first though!
    Love ya,