Friday, October 9, 2009

P.S. a riddle

This is the second part of the riddle. There are two parts; the first is to find the 1st of a 3 part answer and the 2nd is to find the next riddle. :) Happy Trails

So here we are together again
you and me, my miscible friend

To enter my body would be a treat
by any other name would smell as sweet

above the northernmost US frame
there is no 'e' in your name

Thanksgiving is key to play this game
the first of the brand one not so tame.


  1. Hey Badudi - still at it. Didnt see this option earlier or I wouldnt have hinted on BrainDen that I'm on your trail. Maybe later tonight I can hunt some more. Great fun!

  2. Hey Badudi - Right behind him. Always one step behind. Another very interesting riddle Badudi. Like it.