Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I was giving my daughter a bath today and mid-bath I started to notice an abundance of flatulence bubbling up from the already foamy bathwater. I looked at Amelia point-blank and said "If you poop in this tub I swear to you, you will go straight to time-out." Sure enough she waited until my guard was only half up when suddenly she thrust her entire body into the water face first, butt in the air and proceeded to exclaim "SWIMMING!" A sigh of relieve washed over me as I smiled and clapped only to realize I was cheerleading her release of a Play Doh like tube of solid terror disappearing into the mass of bubbles. With this, I snatched her out of the water. She was surprised at my cat-like reflexes, only barely clearing the tail of the corny beast before she was promptly placed on her potty. To add to the confusion, her potty has a sensor that can tell when she has gone to the bathroom, Amelia, dripping water everywhere, realized it began to play the familiar trumpet sounds. She began clapping for herself with a smile blazoned across her face. I stared at both of them contemplating how to address the situation.

One: I told her if she poops she has to go to time out. If I didn't follow through I would be undermining myself.

Two: I should nurture the want to sit on the potty. I ended up just hoping she would forget about the whole time-out thing and ended the bath which I still need to clean up.

This is a picture of Amelia's first poop. A picture foreshadowing the events to come