Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Joe's Pizza Attracts Bad Children

So I've come to the conclusion that Happy Joe's Pizza has some of the better pizza I have ever had. "BLT" you say? oh please don't sneer, it's delicious. Bacon, Lettuce, and tomato all atop and flaky light crust with cheese and mayonnaise. It's literally is a huge BLT sandwich. Anyway, they have a bunch of games for kids in this little room about the size of a bathroom. If I had to compare, it would be the red-headed step-child of Chuck-e-Cheese.
You know, the one that gets kept in the crawl space under the stairs and gets fed the scraps of the rest of the fun loving, arcade, pizza joint family.

When I say scraps I mean the idiot children and that somehow end up there.
Anyway, I'm playing with my daughter (actually just aimlessly wondering around trying to keep up with her short attention span) and i watch this probably 6 year old kid put 8 dollars into a guitar hero game. This game is pretty hard especially for a stupid clumsy six year old. Not saying that all 6 year old's are dumb and clumsy just this one in particular. so he proceeds to put dollar after dollar in this machine while his mother is ignoring him and then he goes and grabs his probably 4 year old brother to play with him! These kids can barely hold the damn guitars and they keep putting money into it! Wouldn't you know it, these dense, money gobbling kids, decide after the first game that it's too hard and they run off to play something else.

I happened to have a dollar in my pocket and wanted to play guitar hero myself so i wonder over to the machine and to my surprise there are 28 credits waiting to be used. I look over to my wife and i say "Awesome! Free Guitar hero" and as soon I a hit the start button Nikki glares at me. "you can't just steal that kid's game." and I'm all like "but arcade rules clearly state if you put money into a machine and leave said machine, you also forfeit any credits still available on the machine." her glaring continued. "But its already started" I pleaded "It would be wasted if I just left it". Glare "babe, seriously, if these kids don't know basic arcade etiquette then they deserve to lose their money." She then pulls out the "well what if it was your money and your pizza came and you had to leave it?" and i sneered "pfft! I would leave under the complete assumption that some starving, broke, little helpless child would benefit from playing the game that i willingly left unattended. And Also, I would never put 8 dollars in one machine, that's just bad planning.

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  1. Oh my God I can actually here both of your voices in my head....like I was there in person...and I agree with the forfeiture rules.
    Love ya!