Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Just Now Realized I'm a Loser

Shit. I was sitting at my desk feeding my digital fish and playing with my digital hampster when the notion hit me like Terry Tate Office Linebacker . What the hell happened to me? I used to have real pets that could die if I fed them too much.

Anyway funny story. Nikki was at the library and there was this little kid with long, blone hair down to her shoulders. She was spelling out her name on the magnet wall with letter magnets "MORGAN", it said. Amelia went up and started playing the with letters and Nikki, being the responisble parent she is, stopped amelia and explained, "oh no, honey we have to wait until this nice little girl is done playing with the magnets, then it will be your turn, ok?"
Amelia nodded, but then the little "girl" turned around and said, "I'm not a girl, why did you call me a girl?"

Nikki stunned, "uhhh.... well... it's because you have such long beautiful hair."
At this point an older man, apparently this little sexually ambiguous kid's father who also happened to have the exact same shoulder length lucious hair, approached, "Is everything OK?"

At this, it was coincedentally time to go and Amelia was rushed out the door to the safety of our apartment.

Now I wasn't present to see these PAT's, I'll call them, but I would imagine they looked something like this.

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