Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Annoying Bird recording to keep Birds Away!

WTF! So I go out to lunch with some co-workers and when we park it sounds like there are frickin cock fights happening in the parking lot!! I look around for a moment to realize there is no carnage or violent illegal acts... what the hell is going on!. The sound was coming from the billboard just over the parking lot. These birds were mangling each other it was like watching texas chainsaw massacre with no picture.. You know something bad is happening but your not quite sure what it is. I continue my inquiry with squinting eyes and a puzzled face until one of my co-workers said "thats just a recording to keep birds away" like its no big deal! Like he hears bird slaughters all day and he can just tune it out!!! When we get done eating and were on our way back to the car the supposed "fake" birds are still at it with the same verocity as when we entered the establishment. the reasoning for the speakerswas put this way by one of the guys "at least a recording can't shit on your car." truth at its finest.

However, the fact remains that somebody somewhere had to actually record these birds' battle cries. How does someone get that job "Alright Fred, now what I want you to do is put both birds in the box and then hit record." I picture the boss being kinda fat for some reason with a trucker accent.

I think what I'll do is hire someone to go around exterminating nuissance birds :). Oh yes, this is going to be sweet revenge on the supposed "fake" birds.


  1. Whoa, whoa - there is a billboard with sound coming out of it? Do I understand this correctly?

  2. Oh yes... and I wouldn't just call it a sound, it's more of a ruckus if you ask me.

  3. There are SO many things, weird things, odd things that I think, "someone was paid to do this."

    and better yet, "How much?"
    I bet the guy recording the birds probably makes more money than I do.


    ps (hey thanks for stopping by and commenting/following my blog. I look forward to your comments! They're great!)

  4. Actually I am going to pass this creative idea on to Lee who sells BillBoards for his business in South Dakota! It may have to be changed to pheasants though - big business in SD!

  5. Nice Kim, tell him I said WAZZZUUUPPPP!!! and F8hasit - thanks for your comment :)