Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I only buy Un-fair trade coffee

I have never liked coffee. It is one of those things that smells pretty good (and sometimes really good when you get flavored coffees) but then ruins your day by destroying the image of what it should have tasted like in your head; they all taste like crap. Now some of you, namely my wife, will scowl at this last comment as if I'm some immature little kid who couldn't understand the flavor because it is an acquired taste. An acquired taste says to me I need to build up my taste buds to be able to handle, nay, enjoy the flavor of the item being tasted. I need to alter myself in someway to understand how it can be enjoyable. The old adage "practice makes perfect" could almost be applied to things with an acquired taste. Malarkey I say. The only way I can choke down a cup of this vile bitter liquid is to mix in 2 of those coffeehouse creamers and a packet of sugar and even then a shiver goes down my spine that puckers my asshole. The only reason I would entertain the idea of drinking coffee is if I can't sleep and need to be focused at work and not writing silly blogs!!! Then you get all jirttey and sartt mkanig mtsakies wehn tpinyg.

I started drinking coffee last week :( and I'm so ashamed.

My old boss Stuart taught me a very useful lesson when it comes to making yourself feel better. Whenever he was having a bad day he would do something bad for the environment to ease his pain. For instance, on a particularly bad day I witnessed him using no less than 15 paper towels to clean 1 square foot of counter top. Then he proceeded to throw several batteries in the garbage. I was an Ecology major so my outlet is a little different than destroying the environment. To ease my pain of succumbing to the coffee bandwagon, i decided to only buy unfair trade coffee. Take that poor coffee growers!!!
I'm feeling better already...

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